Why Vacuum Blended Juice Has a More Vivid Color

A vacuum blender is a kitchen appliance that removes air before blending, so you get a smoothie without foam. The result is a smoother texture and better preservation of vitamins. They are also great for cooking soups, sauces or even baby food.

Vacuum Blender VS Regular Blender

The difference between a vacuum blender and a regular blender is in the blending process. A regular blender mixes vegetables and fruits to a juice or puree at a high speed. The heat that is released during mixing has a negative effect on vitamins and minerals. When you blend in a vacuum, you avoid this heating process. When you mix without air or oxygen, the fruit mass moves around the pitcher more freely and won’t oxidize as much. This way, the vitamins are retained better.

Oxygen: The Good News And The Bad News

Oxygen is necessary for all animal life, it sustains us and enables many metabolic reactions in our bodies. But it does that for the microbes that can spoil our food too, and it is also the key reactant in oxidative processes that degrade vital nutrients and flavours. With a vacuum blender you can simply remove the problems caused by oxygen, by removing all the air from the blender jug before you blend.

The effect of oxidation on Vitamin C content in vacuum blended juice

The cells of fruits and vegetables contain enzymes that react with oxygen as soon as they are exposed to air, triggering an oxidation reaction that leads to nutrient loss. This is the same principle behind the browning of apples.

To better understand the impact of oxidation on nutrient content, we compared the vitamin C levels in regular blended juice and vacuum blended juice. As shown in the graph in next page, vacuum blended juice had a higher vitamin C content in all three tested samples: tomato, orange, and kale. This confirms that vacuum blending is a superior method for preserving nutrients from oxidation.

Comparison of Vitamin C contents

Foaming and Separation in Blended Juice

During regular blending, the high-speed rotation and centrifugal force create friction between the air and the fibrous materials, resulting in the formation of foam. This foam can negatively impact the taste and texture of the juice, making it unpleasant to drink. Additionally, over time, the air bubbles and fiber particles in the juice rise to the surface, causing rapid separation.

In contrast, vacuum blending minimizes friction with air, significantly reducing foam formation and preventing separation. This results in a clean and smooth juice with a better taste and texture that remains consistent over time.

Vividness of Color

Before drinking juice, we often use its visual “color” to imagine its taste. In this regard, we observed a clear difference in juice color and confirmed it through color measurement. The yellowness b-value of orange juice and the redness a-value of tomato juice were measured to be higher in vacuum blended juice than in regular blended juice. This result proves that the color of vacuum blended juice is darker and more vivid.

But why is the color vibrancy of regular blended juice lower? That’s right, it’s because the color is diluted by air trapped between the fibers during blending.

Measuring color clarity using a color meter

To further illustrate the difference in color, let’s look at some scientific data

A study by the University of California, Davis found that vacuum blended orange juice had a significantly higher concentration of carotenoids (pigments responsible for the orange color) than regular orange juice.

Another study by the National Taiwan University found that vacuum blended strawberry juice had a higher brightness and chroma (measures of color intensity) than regular strawberry juice.

Overall, vacuum blending is a superior method for making juice that is more nutritious, flavorful, visually appealing, and has a longer shelf life. If you’re looking for the best way to enjoy the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, a vacuum blender is a worthwhile investment.

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