The Kitchen Appliance New Trends We are seeing in 2022

Many of us have become better acquainted with our kitchens in the past year or two than we ever could have anticipated. During the COVID-19 quarantine period, consumer started to cook again, and enjoy it in their kitchens.

Lockdown changed how consumers cook, clean, and generally use our kitchen – with the quick conclusion being “A LOT MORE”. If the kitchen was the “heart of the home” before, then it became that PLUS all the guts. Thus the explosion of kitchen remodels with the goal of better cooking function, easier maintenance, more smart, and yes, while consumers are at it, more appliances to varying degrees of luxury and waste. While designing our kitchen I once again dove into what appliances are “new”, “smart” or simply just universally opted for these days – both for day-to-day function and maybe for those who entertain grandly. These “trends” are not just style or even color, but more function, operation, and layout.

Heaters for Europe

Affected by the Russian-Ukrainian War, Europe lacks sufficient energy, so the cost of natural gas has risen sharply. Plus, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, causes inflation in European countries. Demand for heaters has surged, especially for cheaper models. No one knows when the war will end, the war and pandemic have changed the way of life throughout Europe.

Multi-functions Oven

There are more and more multi-functions appliances on the market nowadays. The most advanced household appliances do not only perform their main function in the best way, but widen their action, becoming multifunction products to be more and more efficient and offer a greater user experience.

As the economic downturn in the past two years, consumers don’t have enough budget to buy different appliances as usual, they need to buy single appliance with multi-functions to save money. The world of household appliances is facing new big changes: appliances, in fact, do not perform only a single function, but tend to gather different functionalities in a single product, in order to offer greater comfort and performance to consumers. Considering the various types of appliances, those dedicated to the kitchen environment are among the most evident examples of multi-functionality.

The multi-functions ovens are designed to allow the consumer to cook easily without the need to manually set temperatures and cooking modes thus avoiding making mistakes: from bread to pizza, from meat to recipes that require slow cooking, up to keeping warm, these devices also allow less experienced users trying prepare also elaborate recipes. Desserts remain soft, bread perfectly rises and forms a golden crust, meat cooks in the best way while remaining tender. These results are also possible thanks to the fact that the more advanced models are equipped with accessories that were previously used only in the professional field, such as the meat probe or the refractory stone for ovens equipped with the Pizza function that are able to reach a temperature of over 300 degrees, creating a cooking similar to that of a wood oven.

Durable Appliance made by big brand

Consumers pay more and more attention to the appliances quality. Good quality and service become their primary concerns when shopping for appliances.

They prefer famous brands who can provide several years warranty and even free on-site maintenance service. Although their prices will be a little higher than other brands. But longer usage time means lower cost per year.

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